JAS 39 Gripen

Acrobatics at the speed of sound

JAS 39 Gripen is a multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft developed by SAAB.

It is designed to cope with the high demands put on fighters in future air combat environments. The delta wing and canards combination gives Gripen excellent flying properties as well as short take-off and landing characteristics. Pilot workload is reduced by an advanced avionics system, leaving more time for tactical decision making.

As the first in the new generation of fighter aircraft, Gripen entered operational service with the Swedish Air Force 1997. It has also been chosen by the South African, Hungarian and Czech Air Forces.

JAS 39 Gripen is the largest industrial project in Sweden ever.

Spellbound has been involved in several advanced software development projects connected to JAS 39 Gripen and its surrounding support functions, for instance:


System for evaluation of military reconnaissance photography
Mission Computer simulator for test of digital video registration
Development environment for future tactical information systems
Simulator for environmental effects on a radar cross section measurement test-bed