Free-form reflector design

SearchLight is an advanced tool for free-form reflector design. It is used to construct a new generation of headlights. 

The conventional parabolic reflector with an optical lens that has been used for almost 100 years is being replaced by free-form reflectors. In these, the reflector surface and bulb position is optimized to match the desired beam pattern. The cover lens no longer needs to contain dispersive elements and the light system efficiency is dramatically increased.

SearchLight uses very accurate physical models of the surface characteristics and light source to calculate the intensity pattern on an imaginary screen in front of the reflector. State-of-the-art optimisation algorithms specially developed for this application are also employed to design new reflector products to match different light patterns. Reflectors and intensity patterns are visualised in 3D.

Designed reflectors can be output as IGES files for import in any standard CAD tool.