Automotive Lighting

Revolutionising headlight design

Headlights contribute largely to the safety and driving comfort of a vehicle. Far from the oil lamps used in the early auto- mobiles, modern headlights are sophisticated pieces of engineering.

Reflector surfaces are constructed to shape the beam pattern as desired. The driver of today may even be able to see around bends on winding roads using swiveling reflectors to complement the fixed high beam headlights.

Spellbound has developed a suite of state-of-the-art software tools for illumination system design, aimed primarily at the automotive industry. They cover the whole process of designing new illumination systems.

This includes reflector surface optimisation, intensity pattern verification and optimal positioning on target vehicles as well as physical light distribution measurements on manufactured reflectors.

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SearchLight Free-form reflector design
Ikaros: Accurate illumination system measurements
LightSim: Illumination system simulator